Integrated Concessions: The case of Callao, Peru.

The comprehensive traffic management of the Municipality of Callao is an innovative solution to the problem of sustainability of mobility in the cities, particularly in these times of extraordinary growth of traffic and municipal budgets insufficient to meet the multiple needs of urban growth in Latin America cities.

Callao is the second most important city of Peru, near Lima; it has an international airport and is the principal seaport of the republic, with a permanent population of 810,000 and a mobile population of 1,500,000.

“ Without doubt, urban growth and traffic infrastructure problems afflict all cities, and the same happens when our system is obsolete… on the other hand, and according to the World Health Organization, traffic accidents are one of the principal causes of death on a global level and cause other major problems, such as environmental pollution and economic losses of millions of dollars…”
commented Dr. Jorge Luis Villareal, Director General of Urban Transit of the Municipality of Callao, at the First Meeting of Sustainable Mobility organized by the SAIT at the Sheraton hotel, Buenos Aires.

That s why the official clarified that “there is a need to order vehicular and pedestrian transit, to modernize the system of street lighting and control and to educate about compliance of standard, to provide effective road safety, protecting the road heritage and diminishing pollution and on the other hand he stressed that “the big problem that confronts the majority of local governments has to do with obtaining resources”

In attending to these needs, SUTEC has developed its Comprehensive Concessions solution for El Callao, contributing both a technological and economic solution that facilitates the modernization of transit systems without impacting the public treasury.
The comprehensive concessions allow for optimizing and effectively integrating the collection and investment process circuit through the banking system (fiduciary body) that guarantees transparent administration and the companies that specialize in urban services that guarantee provision. In this way are combined concessions of Transit and Parking Control Systems with Street-lighting and Transit Control Systems, Video Surveillance and Variable Message Signs for the Inversion Investment.

The main benefits for the city or state entity are real savings in operation management, fewer investment efforts, and increases in revenue collection and equity.

And for the user: improvements in quality of life and in service safety, diversification of services, projects and services that contribute to urban quality and important social service initiatives.

“The concessions benefitted road safety in Peru”

Dr. Jorge Luis Villareal.
Director General of Urban Transport of the Municipality of El Callao, Peru.