Street lighting Municipality of Tucumán

Incorporating High Technology Nationwide

The Municipality of San Miguel de Tucumán has been the receiving entity of the work done and the company SUTEC S.A. was awarded the Street Lighting Project of the City of San Miguel de Tucumán, with the general coordination of the Municipality through the Secretary of Public Works. The operator of the project will be the department of Municipal Street Lighting.
The project had as its object the amplification and improvement of the Traffic Light Service in the Municipality of San Miguel de Tucumán, adapting it to the new technologies of transit controller equipment CL-S214 Plus and CITAR Le system, thereby providing the city with an efficient, safe, reliable and, in fact, indispensable transit system.
The new Traffic Signal service adheres to, at the minimum, the following principles:
To offer both drivers and pedestrians an adequate traffic lighting service on critical corners of the city, especially in the micro- and macrocenter.
To implement a transit command center to command and control the traffic lights.
Draw clear attention to the traffic lights, both vertical and horizontal, so they are easily visible to all.
This project is the first stage of a larger project whose object is to bring traffic lighting to the micro- and macro center and the main avenues of traffic distribution; and to control key points of the city from a transit center by means of video cameras.
Maintenance services must be effective, fast and meant to last, with assurance of service. The decision of the municipal authorities is of the highest importance in achieving this task.

Technically the project included the carrying out of the following items:
Installation of 35 traffic signal intersections-type I (street-street without pedestrian signal)
Installation of 17 traffic signal intersections-type 2 (street- street with pedestrian signal).
Installation of 29 traffic signal intersections-type 3 (avenue- street with left turn)
Interconnection by tranche of 140 meters, quantity 55 interconnections.
Providing and assembling of 110 Transit Controllers CL-S214 Plus:
Wireless interconnection by means of Radio Modem, quantity 70.
Installation of a traffic signal for the visually impaired in the near vicinity of the Special School “Luis Braile”.
Transit Central Command System.
Integration of 41 existing traffic signal intersections with transit control equipment CL-S to the new transit central command CITAR Le.
Execution of new Transit Engineering and implementation of the same.