Robbery of our ave. de La Plata office

Sutec S.A. informs the general public that on the night of March 9, 2008 blank checks issued by the following banks were stolen from the company headquarters at 1075 Ave. de la Plata:

Banco Supervielle: Checks from the Nos. 56380376 to 56381375
Banco Comafi: Checks from the Nos. 26700051 to 29001050
Banco Río: Checks from the Nos. 4126 to 5125
Banco Credicoop: Check Nos. 53417001 to 53418000
Banco Itaú: Check Nos. 267318 to 268317
Banco Ciudad: Check Nos. 90446659 to 90447658
Banco Macro: Check Nos. 37353406 to 37354405
Banco Patagonia: Check Nos. 61625201 to 61626200
Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires: Check Nos. 74408876 to 74409875

The crime was reported at Commisary Number Ten and action has been pending before the District Attorney by, Instruction No. 30 by Dr. Scott, Secretary No. 1 by Dr. Monteleone.