SUTEC S.A. knows and interprets market necesities and expectations, offering its clients comprehensive, effective and efficient solutions with products, works and services in projects developed with the highest standards of quality and most advanced technologies in the areas of transit and Mobility, Electrical, Electronic, Mechanical, Civil and Telecommunications Engineering; and in the fields of Urban Services, Transit and Transport, Energy, Industry and Infrastructure.

The company defines and sets its strategic objectives of Quality and Integral Management in order to supply and provide to its clients solutions in wich it develops, integrates, and applies latest generation technologies, always maintaining and complying with the following premises:

a) To adopt the measures necessary in order to maintain the integrity of its personnel through the prevention of injury and sickness that could be incurred by activity related to a developing project complying with all the standing legal requirements relating to Health and Occupational Safety and promoting, in addition, the participation of its staff in developing management plans that minimize risk and continually improve the health and safety of all

b) To protect the environment by means of mitigating significant aspect of activity that night impact it negatively; for which it complies with all existing legal requirements relating to environmental protection, both from inside the organization and extending to those who have a stake in the organization.

c) Guard vital information for the company, taking into account the legal and commercial requirements involved in security information, establishing measures to control risks associated with organizational management.

d) To identify and minimize the risks that by our work to complete projects can imply a risky situation for passersby, neighbors and drivers; that the entire organization is committed to this, and to dedicate itself permanently to provide the necessary security for all.

That the shareholders, managers, workers and all persons linked in one form or other to the organization are united and commited to our continual betterment in all our processes and procedures, maintaining all established values, ethical principles and transparency in all our activities, always putting first the spirit of living day by day by the supremacy of Corporate Social Responsibity.

Andrés Saavedra