Traffic Central Control System CITAR Le

The CITAR is a powerful Urban Traffic Central Control System manufactured by SUTEC.

It has been developed with the intent of providing solutions to the specific problems of urban traffic.
Its great flexibility permits itself to adapt to the requirements of both large and small applications.
CITAR combines modern electronic automation technology, communication, visualization and supervision systems of the latest development and specific programs of traffic control operating on the platform Microsoft Windows, which insures great versatility and the ability to take advantage of resources of Hardware and Software easy to obtain in the market.
This product is the perfect complement to the traffic controllers of the SUTEC STC family, with a high standard of performance by means of digital communications networks.
It consists of a centra matrix connected to a PC and to traffic controller networks. From the PC the operator can visualize the status of different intersections and alarms, remotely access the configuration program of every controller, send commands, and configure the parameters of the systems communications, among otherthings.