Systems of Video Traffic Detection

The process of video detection is based on the installation of a high-quality video camera fixed at given height in order to obtain traffic information in real time. This video signal is used as the input detection unit.
The sensor systems of Iteris distributed by SUTEC S.A. provide standard traffic information, such as volume, speed, busyness and vehicle density in streets, avenues, routes and highways.

  • Video detection of traffic control consists of:
  • Slope measurement
  • Dynamic Speed Indication
  • Control of traffic jams
  • Congestion Control
  • Control of access to tunnels
  • Ventilation Control
  • Detours
  • VMS control (Variable message information systems)
  • Dynamic indication of road jams during road work
  • Opening or closing of road lanes

The video system of image processing superimposes lines over the captured image, detecting and counting the passing vehicle. Then specific algorithms, which function under any weather condition or lighting, are used to provide different types of information about the traffic:

  • Traffic data for statistical analysis
  • Data related to incidents
  • Presence data
  • These systems are characterized by their high reliability, rapid detection of incidents and control of traffic flow, low frequency of false alarms and accurate measurement of low speed.

Advantages of Video Detection:

  • Low cost of installation and infrastructure compared to other systems: being an installation on the ground, there is no need to close streets in order to install detectors on the surface of the road. Detection zones can be moved or changed easily in accordance with changes in the traffic situation.
  • Detection can be done in several lanes with a single camera and the VIP
  • Low maintenance cost and a long useful life of both cameras and electronic equipment.
  • High detection index
  • Low index of false alarms
  • Detection time consistently low
  • Long periods of time between errors
  • Modular concept that integrates the presentation of digital data and visual control of images.