Highways carry an incredible traffic burden, which is why it is ful to invest in systems of prevention to avoid traffic and congestion, and to increase road safety an order with the use of evolved technology that SUTEC links to its solutions, and which are also healthy for the environment.
A possibility of highway traffic control is the installation of CCTV systems (closed circuit TV), which consist of camera installations for monitoring strategically placed at appropriate distances. Each camera is mounted on a platform that permits a 180 to 360 degree rotation.
The platform with the camera is located on a pole in order to achieve adequate visibility. A set of cameras with an effective range permits a complete supervision of the trace. The cameras furnish signals that must be transmitted to a control room for central monitoring. The signal of each camera is converted to digital format for delivery by fiber optic or other means of wire or wireless transmission, forming a local area proprietary network that has a control center where there is a presentation system of smart images which provide selections and filming of all the signals, facilitating the monitoring of the highway and, in addition, providing a series of detection algorithms.
Traffic Control solutions are aimed at decreasing: inconveniences caused by slow traffic, noise levels, environmental pollution and fuel consumption of highway motorists.