Congestion caused by drivers in search of a place to park is an unpleasant phenomenon that SUTEC offers a solution to in metropolitan areas, availing itself of the efficacious combination of the following elements: parking lots, guided systems inside the parking lots and ticket vending machines.
By means of this combination, it is possible to reduce traffic delays caused by parking; it will also reduce environmental pollution.
When a vehicle enters a public or private parking lot, the guidance system directs the driver toward a free garage by the shortest possible route, taking into account the optimization space. Hence, customers are satisfied by the flexible adaptation to the application system.
The parking lots see profits because they optimize their physical capacity and achieve economic efficiency with systems that leave themselves open to extensions in the future, such as automatic payment systems or video systems. These systems provide the operator with a range of relevant parameters for the correct management of his installations.
Other features of this solution are the electronic signaling of special garages and statiscal evaluation from a Control Center.