The Safe PK (Autonomous System of Electronic Control of License Plates in Motion) is an evolution of traditional recognition methods of license plates (LPR), which guarantees a better way of identifying the plates, and monitoring the vehicle fleet in an efficient and useful way.
It functions automatically. A sensor – inductive or virtual detects the presence of a passing vehicle even at speeds as high as 80 kilometers per hour, captures its image in software integrated in the equipment, locates the plate, and interprets the alphanumeric characters, identifying the set of letters and numbers of the same.
The dat collected are processed and immediately compared with the vehicle registration of the responsible executive of traffic and in almost half a second describes the situation of the vehicle. In this manner, it is possible to identify vehicles searched for by the police, drivers who owe taxes and duties, among other things. In addition, the equipment recognizes vehicles by category, for example, if the captured image is of an official vehicle, alternative transport (school buses), or passenger transport (buses, taxis, etc.), and makes it possible to generate a data bank with statistics that register the description of the description of the flow of cars in circulation. This information is stored and can be used for various purposes, as suits the needs of the client.