NeoNote is a lightweight and compact device for the electronic recording of traffic violations that offers greater safety quality and rapidity in the controllers work.

It is easy to operate, has friendly interface and a large storage capacity. NeoNote streamlines procedures and lowers operational costs as it minimizes the possibility of error in filling orders for traffic violation “tickets,” and makes possible the electronic transfer of data to Central Processing.

With NeoNote the controller changes pen and paper for a modern Pocket Pc, with Bluetooth technology, that allows for a wireless connection with optional peripherals (printer, cell phone and digital camera) to expand its functions. Information about infractions is recorded quickly and safely, preventing adulteration, and the recorded image serves as proof of the violation, demonstrating the openness and accountability of the Agency.

Fully computerized, the NeoNote enables us to consult the records of cars and drivers with violations or irregularities, such as those who owe taxes or who aren’t registered or authorized to drive. It is possible to act immediately against the offender, printing the vehicle infringement with its signature.

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