We use the concession modality with the objective of facilitating the implementation of installations covering the needs of any nondomestic Urban Services, for example street-lighting systems, public lighting and transit control, among others.

Concession Modality

• It stipulates a contract between a municipality or state agency and a legal entity.
• It provides a comprehensive service: From the provision, construction, organization and operation, to the maintenance of properties used for public services.
• It implies the taking of risks on the part of the Concessionaire for the lending of contracted services in exchange for a mutually • agreed upon remuneration. It covers infrastructure services for a predetermined period. A trust protects the management of the assets of the concession and the making of payments under the obligations set out in the same.
• It issues certificates of warranty to intervening banks, guaranties payment of policies, taxes, etc. according to written instructions.
• The concessions must have a socially positive outlook that must be evaluated by the Municipal Executive and approved by the Municipal Board.

Benefits of the Concession

For the Municipality or state agency:
• Real Savings in Operational Management
• Lower investment efforts costs
• Increases in revenue collection or equity

For the User:
• Improvements in the quality or safety of services
• Diversification of services
• Works and services that contribute to the urban quality of life
• Initiatives relevant to social issues