Perkons® The systems of electronic control of Perkons distributed by SUTEC constitute cutting edge solutions and automation dedicated to the safety of pedestrians and drivers in their daily movement about urban streets, roads and highways.

Consisting of sensors installed in roads that calculate with precision the drivers speed, and if the driver is going over the required limits, a digital system captures an image of the vehicle to be used as proof of an infraction.

These systems provide the following:

• Efficient monitoring of traffic.
• Safety, integrity and authenticity of information with cryptography and digital signature.
• Generation of important and trustworthy information concerning traffic flow that are tools of statistical control used in the planification of traffic control.
• Vehicular detection by means of magnetic profiles.
• Administrative processing of infractions by means of software management and control.
• Management of Public Safety and optimization of tax collection by means of tools and accessories for the use of collectors.
Both the hardware and software that process the information and generate the fines are adapted to the norms and standards of the country and the city where they are installed. Both types of equipment achieve the highest standards of quality and are resistant to both extreme weather conditions and vandalism.

Electronic control contributes to the education of drivers and pedestrians and to an awareness, as well, of the obligations and rights of the users of roadways; in addition, it considerably reduces the number of accidents through monitoring of vehicle speeds, thereby lowering public costs in such areas as road repair, hospitalization of victims, etc.