Intelligent Systems of Traffic (ITS) uses communication and technological information to create solutions to these congestions, as well as vehicular safety and the management and administration of roads and highways. ITS offers a variety of information in “real time” about traffic conditions, maintenance work, accidents in specific lanes of a road or highway, traffic “jams” traffic speeds or adverse weather conditions, all by means of variable messages (VMS), alarms before accidents and delays in the roads and highways. The ITS systems control the flow of traffic thanks to the processing of multiple input signals, creating alternate traffic flows, and decompressing traffic in one direction or the other depending on the time and the density of the traffic. Diverse uses of ITS technologies a variety of sensors that make possible the activation of distinct automatisms, for example signaling devices in the road or in areas where heavy fog can cause extremely hazardous driving conditions. These sensors can also be used to send messages to variable message signs located in problem areas in order to warn drivers of the proximity of danger.
Other forms of ITS include special radio channels for obtaining actual traffic information or information transmitted on WEB/WAP “portals” reaching a multitude of users via internet channels and cell phones.
ITS also contemplates the use of “pay as you go” technologies in toll systems that explore an electronic method that permits traffic to flow without delays and and avoiding congestion.
Video surveillance of intersections, bridges and tunnels, incident-detection systems, alarm handling and the use of loop sensors for the detection of traffic problems are increasingly popular tools of ITS that permit centralized control of operations.

The totality of ITS systems are based on powerful networks of available communications, from fiber optic links, radio frequencies, cell phone GSM and transmission of GPRS packages all the way to the most modern private wireless networks spanning the globe. SUTEC S.A. provides important solutions in the field of ITS technology in urban and interurban areas, such as:
• Traffic Guidance Systems
• Tunnel Control
• Highway Traffic Control
• Management Systems and Automatization of toll Roads
• Information Systems for Variable Message Signs (VMS)
• Traffic Priority Systems
• Monitoring and Video Detection Systems of Infractions