Safety, availability and economy are the parameters vital criteria for Urban Administration of Roads. Being responsible for the planification of Traffic and Public Lighting, the Administration confronts the challenge of controlling the traffic that enters and leaves urban areas and the lighting values that are necessary to maintain the order and safety of citizens. These two objectives must be ambitious but both must be obtainable, assuring smooth passage of traffic and good night-time visibility, guaranteeing the safety and order of traffic andpedestrians and environmental protection. An essential element of infrastructure systems, such as installations of signaling, traffic control and Public Lighting, is having a specially prepared set of services. Urban administrations, as representatives of cities and towns and roads, bear a special responsibility toward the public. Security, availability and economy of traffic systems and lighting are vital to its success.
Therefore, services are especially important in an urban road environment: the choice of the provider of Engineering and Design, Installation or Assembly, Maintenance, Operation and Initial Operation of equipment and/or system that comprise Civic infrastructure, since the risks to users are very high if not highly secure and whether costs incurred are high. To ensure, at all times, the functioning of traffic systems and public lighting, you can trust in a technologically experienced partner like SUTEC.


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